During spring and summer slender stems rise to nearly 60cm adorned with dainty lilac-pink flowers. In milder climates, the flowering season extends throughout the winter months.
This hardy plant has been selected for its abilities to thrive in a range of conditions.


Borders, Containers, Ground Cover

Growing Conditions:

Coastal Conditions, Drought Tolerant, Full Sun, Part Shade


Tulbaghia 'Silver Lace' is an ideal solution for;
Low borders and edging
Companion planting to deter pests
Accent plant in mixed garden beds
Containers Rockeries and retaining walls
Dry zones and low maintenance areas


Tulbaghia 'Silver Lace' prefers a warm sunny site, however it is tolerant of temperatures down to -10 degrees celsius. Although drought tolerant, the occasional deep soak during extended dry periods will increase overall plant performance.


Pruning is generally not required - simply remove spent flower heads if you wish to encourage further flowering and to maintain a neat appearance. For optimum results apply a slow release fertiliser in early spring.





Pot Sizes:

Tulbaghia violacea ‘Silver Lace’

The beautiful Tulbaghia ‘Silver Lace’ will appeal for a number of reasons. The narrow blue-grey foliage is striped with cream down its entire length. The effect is a silvery mound which rises to about 30cm in height.